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InfiniBand Connector Assemblies Achieve Under 1% Crosstalk

Featuring less than 1% nearest-neighbor crosstalk, a new line of Direct Attach cable connector assemblies from Meritec supports InfiniBand and other high-speed data-transfer protocols like 10-Gbit Fibre Channel, Serial ATA 2, and Serial Attached SCSI (SAS). Meritec customer atSpeed Technologies reported measuring multiline near-end crosstalk, using a 5-meter cable assembly, of less than 2% at 100 ps. InfiniBand transmission standards well beyond 8 Gbits/s were easily met as well.

The connectors come in 12× straight, 4× straight, and 4× angled configurations, with 24-26 AWG wire sizes. Among the features are 100 (omega) of differential impedance, 3-dB bandwidth of 8 GHz, less than 0.125 unit intervals (UIs) of jitter, and a minimum eye-pattern opening of 350 ps wide and 500 mV high. They're rated for 250 cycles of durability, 6.6 lb of insertion force, 3.3 lb of withdrawal force, and 16.9 lb of retention force. The minimum bending radius is 2 in. (at a 90° bend). Operating temperature ranges from −10°C to 60°C. Connectors are available in fully shielded eight and 24 differential shield pair versions.

Other features include UL94V-0 thermoplastic housings, a copper-alloy (with gold) contact mating area, and a copper alloy contact bonding area. The back shell is made of die-cast zinc. Thermoplastic and copper alloy latching mechanisms are incorporated.

Price for a 1-meter assembly is expected to be $75 each in 1000-piece lots. Production is slated for the late second quarter.


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