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Instrument Combines Bluetooth RF, Interoperability Testing

The R4870 is the first single instrument that performs both RF and interoperability tests in accordance with the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) specifications. A proprietary WMT architecture allows the R4870 to be used during R&D and manufacturing to test a Bluetooth product's RF characteristics plus its interoperability with other Bluetooth-enabled products. The instrument tests output power, power control, modulation characteristics, initial carrier-frequency tolerance, and receiver sensitivity. It can also automatically start testing Bluetooth modules via its embedded Host Control Interface (HCI) and performs tests using a "dirty" transmitter signal, which is an irregularly modulated signal used to test a product's receiver characteristics.

The R4870 has frequency and level resolutions of 1 kHz and 1 dB, respectively, when conducting transmitter tests from 2402 to 2480 MHz. For receiver tests, it covers the 300-Hz to 300-kHz frequency range and has a power measurement range of −15 to + 23 dBm (Channel 1). It costs $24,800.

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