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Instrument Tests And Controls TECs Used In Telecomm LDMs

Designed for testing and control of thermoelectric coolers (TECs) used in telecomm laser diode modules (LDMs), the Model 2510-AT reportedly is the optoelectronics industry's first GPIB-controlled, autotuning TEC temperature controller. By combining temperature control and measurement capabilities, the instrument is said to allow precise control of LDM wavelength and light-intensity output and short setup times leading too higher throughput rates. Two modes of autotuning are provided: minimum overshoot for device protection; and minimum settling time for accelerating the time to a stable temperature setpoint. Other features of the GPIB-controlled autotuning TEC tester include: a maximum output of 50W; sensor support that includes thermistors, RTDs and semiconductor temperature sensors; IEEE-488 and RS-232 interfaces; and a Peltier/TEC ohms function. Single-unit price is $4,750. KEITHLEY INSTRUMENTS INC., Cleveland, OH. (888) 534-8453.


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