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Electronic Design

Instrumentation Supplies Have Three Isolated Outputs

Offered in 5-, 10-, or 15-W ratings, the DMS-PS-CM series of ac/dc instrumentation power supplies is designed to drive transducers, digital power meters, operational amplifiers, and data-acquisition components. Operating from universal ac inputs, the supplies deliver 5, 12, and/or 24 V in single-, dual-, or triple-output configurations. I/O isolation is 3000 V ac for the main output and 3000 V ac + 1000 V dc for the auxiliary outputs. Meanwhile, output noise is just 40 mV p-p on the main output and 8 mV p-p on the auxiliary outputs. Pricing for a 5-W single-output model is $54 in singles and $38 in lots of 500 pieces.

Datel; (800) 233-2765

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