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INTERCONNECT ADAPTER- Designed to enable engineers to easily locate the correct adapters and accessories for their design under test, the firm's 1998 Interconnect Solutions catalog also can be used as a source book for a range of IC packages and chip types. The 200-page catalog also includes a new, pull-out BGA reference guide. More than 200 product photos along with information on better than 4000 products, including emulator tools, logic analyzer/scope adapters, programming adapters, production/test adapters, debugging accessories, prototyping adapters, field-configurable adapters, and custom adapters can be found in the catalog. Three levels of adapter solutions are provided: off-the-shelf adapters designed for most chip/packages; field-configurable adapters the help designers create their own adapter on the spot; and firm's custom adapters for special requirements. And the "Choosing the Right Adapter" section provides drawings of various package types along with a view of each.


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