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Interface Brings GPIB To LAN-Based Test Instruments

Interface Brings GPIB To LAN-Based Test Instruments

The 4865B GPIB-to-Ethernet interface makes it possible to add instruments with Ethernet interfaces to the GPIB bus. Developed by ICS Electronics, the interface runs two to five times faster than the company’s original 4865. It gives users the choice of two protocols: VXI-11 for communicating with VXI-11.3-compatible instruments, and Raw Socket for communicating with raw-socket instruments. The 4865B operates by searching for and linking to the first instrument it finds, or linking to an instrument at a fixed IP address. Once linked, it acts as the application client. It converts GPIB commands and device messages into the appropriate LAN messages and sends them onto the instrument. Replies are talked out on the GPIB bus when the 4865B is next addressed to talk. The interface mimics the LAN instrument’s responses on the GPIB bus. It’s configured over its Ethernet interface with any Web browser and doesn’t require any special configuration utilities or drivers.


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