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Interface Firmware And Source Code Offerings Expand

Additions to USB solutions specialist Future Technology Devices International Limited’s Vinculum-II Precompiled Firmware & Source Code portfolio of application-led ROM files promise to shorten development times. The added ROM files include a SPI master to UART sample application ROM, SPI slave to USB memory bridge sample application ROM, SPI master to USB human interface device (HID) sample application ROM, UART to communication device class (CDC) modem sample application ROM, UART to FT232 host sample application ROM, UART to USB HID Class Host Sample Application ROM, and a UART to USB Memory Sample Application ROM. Each of the precompiled ROM files is accompanied by the source code, allowing users to modify and expand upon the reference software. They can be downloaded free of charge at the company’s website. For further information, contact Juliette Lang at Future Technology Devices International Ltd., Glasgow, UK. +44 (0) 141 429 2777.

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