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Interface Links LAN-Capable Instruments To GPIB Bus

The Model 4865 interface device enables engineers to add instruments with Ethernet interfaces to a GPIB bus-based test system. The need for this interface has arisen as several manufacturers have begun marketing instruments without GPIB interfaces in the belief that design teams are gravitating toward Ethernet-oriented test systems. Thus, engineers wishing to expand or upgrade an existing GPIB-based test system are left with fewer instruments to choose from. The 4865 solves this problem by acting as a transparent, GPIB-to-LAN instrument interface for the new Ethernet-only instruments. The interface uses the VXI-11 protocol to communicate with any VXI-11.3-compatible instrument. After power-up, the 4865 searches for and links to the first VXI-11.3 compatible instrument it finds or it will link to an instrument at a fixed IP address. Once linked, the 4865 acts as the application client. It converts GPIB commands and device messages into the appropriate Remote Procedure Calls (RPC) and sends them onto the instrument. The Model 4865 is configured over its Ethernet interface with any web browser and does not require any special configuration utilities or drivers. It will operate in any system with a GPIB bus. Pricing for the Model 4865 is $550 each in quantities of one to four units. Delivery is in three to four weeks after receipt of order. ICS ELECTRONICS, Pleasanton, CA. (925) 416-1000.


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