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Interferometric Microscope System Tests Multi-Fiber Connectors

Interferometric Microscope System Tests Multi-Fiber Connectors

The next generation AIM 2020 automated interferometric microscope system measures the end-face quality of multi-fiber connectors using a custom Michelson interferometric objective and a high speed four-megapixel camera. A unique feature of the system is that, even though it allegedly utilizes three to four times more data than competitive systems, it measures a 12-fiber MT connector in 11 seconds. Notably, it measures all the key parameters of a multi-fiber connector including angle of polish, radius of curvature, fiber height, fiber plane angle, core dip, fiber tip radius, and minus coplanarity. The system is fully automated, requiring no operator adjustments and/or knowledge of interferometry. NIST traceable standards provide confirmed calibration for magnification, fiber height, and angle of polish. For more details, call Norland Products, Cranbury, NJ. (609) 395-1966.


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