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Intuitive Software Streamlines Analysis And Report Generation

The DIAdem 9.0 interactive software from National Instruments does more than manage, inspect, analyze, and report test data. It provides a uniform environment that transforms test data into the information needed to drive engineering decisions as well.

This software imports data from industry-standard databases and file formats such as ASCII, binary, and Excel. Additionally, it can handle datasets with more than 1 billion data points. It should be suitable in automotive, aerospace, and consumer goods applications.

New drag and drop handling features make accessing test data from a wide range of file and database formats easier than ever. Engineers can quickly locate a specific dataset out of thousands by using sophisticated filtering and intuitive navigation features.

DIAdem's built-in Visual Basic Script host automates repetitive reporting and analysis tasks. Analysis can be performed by extracting the relevant information from the test data and then generating a Web-ready report, all from within the DIAdem environment.

This combination of overall functionality delivers ease of use and straightforward integration with existing landscapes like National Instruments' LabView, the MathWorks' Matlab, and Wolfram Research's Mathematica. The software, priced from $995, is available now.

National Instruments Corp.
(800) 258-7022

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