Electronic Design

J-BERT Options Allow Quick, Accurate Characterization Of Fast Interfaces

With 7-Gbit/s or 12.5-Gbit/s pattern generators that feature complete jitter-injection capabilities, the J-BERT N4903A (see the Figure) allows designers and test engineers to quickly and accurately stimulate serial high-speed ports for better characterization of device performance. The Agilent N4903A incorporates a built-in error detector, but can also be used with oscilloscopes or other analyzers. The pattern generators include calibrated jitter sources that simulate random jitter (RJ), periodic jitter (PJ), and bounded, uncorrelated jitter (BUJ). They permit eye closures of greater than 0.5 UI. With option J20, the instruments can emulate inter-symbol interference and test robustness against differential-mode or single-mode noise.

Designers can use the generators to inject commonly used spread-spectrum clocks. The pattern sequencer and 32-Mbyte pattern memory allow users to simplify instrument setup for serial computer-bus devices, and the sub-rate clock outputs permit users to generate all types of clock- and data-rate ratios. The instruments' 20-ps transition times (20-80%) and 9-ps peak-peak jitter ensure accurate results. Customers can add complete J-BERT functionality over time with error detector, CDR, and complete jitter tolerance testing.

The J-BERT N4903A pattern generator options are scheduled to be available in March. The expected price, including RJ, PJ, and BUJ sources, is $122,000 for the 7-Gbit/s version (option G07) and $138,000 for the 12.5-Gbit/s version (option G13). For more information, go to www.agilent.com/find/jbert.

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