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Jamming Module Used For Error Injection In Fibre Channel Networks

Users of the Gigabit Traffic Jammer Module, used for error insertion/injection into Fibre Channel networks, is now available for the firm's Gigabit Traffic System. Users can mix and match multiple protocol analyzer modules, generator modules and Jammer Modules in a GT System to suit the requirements of the particular systems under test. The Jammer Module works by corrupting data flow in a real network, so all error/fault recovery modes may be tested. The module can kidnap entire frames and replace them with idles, truncate frames and recalculate the CRC, as well as change the frame on the bit level. Jamming is done in real time, so real network responses can be captured and analyzed. Single-channel or duplex Jammer Modules are available as standalone GT Systems, or with Protocol Analyzer Modules.


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