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Jitter Analysis Unit Boasts Deeper Memory,Faster Speeds

Homing in on the optical disk market is the TA720 Time Interval Analyzer, the newest release in a line of jitter analysis instruments. The TA720 features a larger memory capacity and faster speeds than its predecessors, the TA520 and TA320. Maximum sampling rate is 80 Msamples/s, and maximum memory capacity is 1024 ksamples. The analyzer includes a variety of new functions, including dual measurement function, intersymbol interference analysis, and an optional Ethernet and PC-card interface. The unit continuously measures high-speed signals from sources such as fast-rotating CDs, DVDs, and next-generation optical disks without dropping measurements. It can continuously measure signals as fast as eight times DVD speed. The base model TA720 Time Analyzer Unit costs $28,000 in single-unit quantities.

Yokogawa Corporation of America
www.us.yokogawa.com; (800) 258-2552

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