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Jitter Analyzer Exhibits Low Noise Floor

Heralded as the quietest instrument on the market for measuring jitter, the PN9500 noise-and-jitter analyzer specifies a noise floor of just 0.001 ps. It is also said to be the only test system capable of measuring state-of-the-art phase noise up to a 500 MHz offset. Employing a modular design with a plug-in architecture, the instrument can be configured in several ways to measure any frequency source from 2 MHz to 140 GHz. Specifications include an operating speed from 1 kHz to 40 MHz delivering up to 10 averages in less than 30s, a dynamic range of 0.001 ps&subRMS; on a 10 GHz clock buffer, selectable mask filters, a peak-to-peak detector, and automatic functions. Base price for the PN9500 with a 1 MHz offset is $37,500. At 500 MHz offset with all detectors to 26.5 GHz, a typical configuration is priced at $63,000. AEROFLEX INC., Plainview, NY. (516) 694-6700.


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