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LabVIEW Interface Software Now Includes .NET Version

Data Translation's LV-Link software interface program for National Instruments' LabVIEW is now available in a .NET-compatible version. LV-Link supplies a collection of Virtual Instruments that allow LabVIEW programmers to create test and measurement applications using Data Translation's range of USB and PCI hardware. The software, which includes numerous application examples to help users get up and running quickly, supports complete functionality of the company's DT-Open Layers for .NET-compliant USB and PCI hardware, including full-speed data streaming.

LV-Link shortens development time through support of polymorphic or multi-function virtual instruments. By using the software, engineers can simply integrate all of their Data Translation and National Instruments hardware into a single application. The data streaming capability permits the use of virtual instruments to measure, control, quadrature-decode, and clock/time data at full speed.


LV-Link is available immediately. A demo version can be downloaded from the web site.


LV-Link costs $195.


Visit www.datatranslation.com.

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