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LCR Meter & SMD Fixtures Can Test RF Passives To 3 GHz

Responding to technical improvements in the RF passive-component industry, the firm's 4287A LCR meter operates from 1 MHz to 3 GHz and the 16196x platform of RF SMD test fixtures ranges from dc to 3 GHz. The meter offers excellent test throughput and very stable measurements at low test-signal levels. The fixtures provide good repeatability and high-frequency coverage. They accommodate chip sizes as small as EIA 0201 for passives with parallel electrodes.The 4287A LCR meter uses a direct current and voltage measurement technique for more accurate impedance measurements over a wider impedance range than with reflection techniques. The direct method is said to be very effective for precise tests of components such as RF chip inductors. Throughput is as fast as 7.5 seconds/point with a noise floor that’s 10 times lower than previous RF LCR meters. The fixtures’ design includes high-quality electrical contacts and no adjustable parts.

Company: AGILENT TECHNOLOGIES - Test and Measurement Organization

Product URL: Click here for more information

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