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Learn ABCs Of JTAG Boundary-Scan Testing With Software Bundle

Boundry-scan testing (IEEE1149.1/JTAG) is a novel procedure for some test engineers and technicians. But ScanWorks Interconnect Development Station version 3.4 from Asset Intertech should ease their transition to developing and deploying Joint Test Access Group (JTAG) tests. The ScanWorks bundle includes hardware and preconfigured software at an affordable price.

The bundle includes several key features. ScanWorks Assistant guides users through the test-development process. Scan Path Discovery automatically locates boundary-scan devices in the design. Scan Path Verify, which validates the design's boundary-scan infrastructure, contains a Web-based library of device models that eliminates model development time. TopCat productivity enhancements streamline test development. And, automated programmable-logic device (PLD) programming speeds up in-system reconfiguration.

Designers could use the bundle's PCI-100 boundary-scan controller hardware kit to quickly apply tests. A debug capability offers an effective means to find defects. An operator application interface (sequencer) simplifies test deployment in a manufacturing setting as well.

The ScanWorks Interconnect Development Station isn't limited to these features, though. Users can expand it to cover more sophisticated JTAG boundary-scan testing applications.

Limited-term licensing for the version 3.4 bundle begins at $6000. Standard and network licenses are available.

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