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LeCroy Adds Multi-Platform Compliance Testing To DSO

Designed for use with any of the company's 2-GHz or higher bandwidth digital oscilloscopes, QualiPHY provides automated compliance-test tools for developing and validating the PHY layer of a device, in accordance with the documents published by the relevant standards organizations and special interest groups. Standards include SATA, FB-DIMM, UWB, ENET, USB, PCI Express, SAS, and HDMI. A Windows-based application, QualiPHY uses a common, intuitive GUI across the most popular serial data standards. It offers complete automation for system level and pre-production tests and allows users to configure limits for margin testing and fixture/probe de-embedding as required. Additionally, a development team can conduct tests anywhere in the world via GPIB or LAN/WAN connections using an applicable oscilloscope. Pricing depends on the individual module: PCI Express ($4,995), UWB ($6,996), SATA ($4,995), SAS ($4,995), FB-DIMM ($4,995), HDMI ($4,995), ENET ($2,995), and USB ($2,995). LECROY CORP., Chestnut Ridge, NY. (800) 453-2769.


Product URL: Click here for more information

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