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LeCroy Expands M-Type Scope Line

LeCroy Corp. has added six new models ranging from 200 MHz to 2 GHz to its M-Type oscilloscope line. The WaveRunner MXi and WaveSurfer MXs scopes come standard with a full set of analysis tools including WaveScan, an advanced search and analysis feature. This technology also has WaveStream, a fast viewing mode, and LabNotebook, a tool for documentation and report generation.

The WaveRunner MXi oscilloscopes ship standard with a variety of analysis tools and application programs, such as Tracks, Histograms, long memory FFTs, user-defined functions, mixed-signal options, power-device analysis, jitter and timing analysis, and others. Maximum sample rate is 10 Gsamples/s and standard memory is 12.5 Mpoints/channel (interleaving to 25 Mpoints/channel).

The WaveSurfer MXs oscilloscopes offer strong fundamentals for lab and bench use at 5 Gsamples/s on each channel with 10-Mpoint/channel memories. Advanced triggering helps engineers find rare events and glitches, while the built-in HDTV trigger speeds the design of new products. All oscilloscopes in the WaveSurfer MXs series come with an advanced math package, including one million-point FFTs.

U.S. list prices range from $7570 through $11,990 for the WaveSurfer MXs scopes, and $11,690 through $19,900 for the WaveRunner MXi instruments. Delivery is five weeks ARO.


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