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Local-Loop Simulator Simplifies And Lowers Cost Of xDSL Modem Testing

The Model 454 local-loop simulator simulates both the amplitude and propagation delay characteristics of a single, 26-AWG telephone wire pair at frequencies from dc up to 1.5 MHz, making it suitable for testing ASDSL, HDSL, T1 and E1 modems. The instrument emulates local loops extending up to a maximum of 18,500 ft.
The unit is comprised of separate sections that can individually simulate the characteristics of cable lengths of 500, 1000, 2000 and 3000 ft. By employing multiple units, ADSL modems can be tested in configurations with bridge taps.
The Model 454 is totally passive, requiring no ac power and is equipped with two bi-directional ports, supporting both 400-V levels and 120-mA of dc current. Attenuation accuracy is ±5%, ±0.5 dB. Suggested list price is $1595.


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