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Logic Analyzer Family Squires In Mid-Range Members

Logic Analyzer Family Squires In Mid-Range Members

Expanding the company’s logic analyzer portfolio, the TLA6000 Series provides performance and functionality found on the high-performance TLA7000 Series but at a much lower price point. The series is available in 68, 102, and 136 digital channel configurations with 125-ps timing on all channels, up to 450-MHz state timing, and up to 128-Mb record lengths. Other features include iCapture multiplexing that eliminates double probing with simultaneous digital and analog acquisition through a single logic analyzer probe, glitch trigger and storage, and an iView display that provides a time-correlated view of both logic analyzer and oscilloscope data on the same display. Suitable for a varied range of debug and analysis apps, price for a base system configuration is $19,800. TEKTRONIX INC., Beaverton, OR. (800) 426-2200.


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