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Logic Analyzer Features 9-Channel Capability

Logic Analyzer Features 9-Channel Capability

9-channel logic analyzer provides direct connection to CAN, RS485, RS232, LIN bus and 8-bit buses.

Ikalogic’s ScanaPLUS, a 9-channel logic analyzer, integrates two differential receivers for direct connection to differential buses like CAN or RS485, as well as five receivers for RS232 or LIN bus. In addition, having 9 channels allows use with 8-bit buses, leaving the 9th channel available for a synchronization signal. All 9 inputs are fully protected over voltages up to ± 50 V, but are still sensitive enough to catch 1.2 V logic signals. The logic analyzer will capture signals at a steady rate of 100 MSPS (±10 ns accuracy), whether you’re using 1 or all 9 channels. The company’s proprietary, FPGA based, compression and streaming algorithm allows streaming of samples from device to PC, without being limited by USB bandwidth. This means, no more maximum capture times or limited transfer speeds from device to computer. The analyzer relies on the free ScanaStudio software to capture and analyze logic signals. ScanaPLUS logic analyzers ship worldwide and are available exclusively through their on-line store.


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