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Logic Analyzer Modules Raise Performance Bars

Tailored for the TLA7012 portable and TLA7016 benchtop series logic analyzers, the 136-channel TLA7BC4 logic-analyzer module offers a 20-ps (50-Gsample/s) timing resolution and a record length up 128 Mb. Suitable for embedded applications including DDR3-1600 and MIPI as well as computer applications such as Intel’s QuickPath Interconnect Technology, the 20-ps sampling resolution represents a six-times improvement in timing resolution over the company’s previous generation logic analyzers and, according to the company, is 12 times better than any other logic analyzer on the market. Both the TLA7BC4 and TLA7BBx modules extend the performance of iCapture by 50% to 3 GHz. The iCapture feature enables the use of an external oscilloscope to view the analog features of a signal using a single probing configuration for both the logic analyzer and oscilloscope. The company also unveils the TLA7ACx modules with 2 Mb of standard record length, representing a 16x increase over prior TLA7Axx modules. The TLA7ACx modules are available in configurations of 68, 102, and 136 channels with state speeds starting at 235 MHz and ranging to 450 MHz. Record length starts at 2 Mb and are expandable to 8 Mb, 32 Mb, or 128 Mb. Pricing for the TLA7BC4 module starts at $137,000. TEKTRONIX INC., Beaverton, OR. (800) 426-2200.


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