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Logic BIST Capability Slashes Test Costs

By fortifying the DFT Compiler with deterministic logic built-in self-test (BIST) capabilities, the SoCBIST add-on module significantly cuts test cost by reducing test time and data volume when compared with full scan. SoCBIST can reduce tester time by a factor of 10 and lower data volume by 100 to 400 times as compared to traditional scan. The system deterministically retains the scan's very high fault coverage. Also, it needs 20 or fewer automatic test equipment (ATE) pins and requires less than 1% of the vector memory required by a full scan approach. SoCBIST is integrated transparently within the Synopsys Design Compiler and Physical Compiler flows. It's an extension of the company's one-pass test synthesis flow. The system enables designers to deploy SoCBIST within the physical synthesis environment, eliminating iterations between design synthesis and test implementation. This architecture enables IC designers to achieve timing and design-for-test (DFT) closure simultaneously. In addition, SoCBIST provides easy-to-use design rule checking and validation features. Powerful BIST integration, verification, diagnostic, and debug tools are included. Pricing for the DFT Compiler SoCBIST add-on starts at $175,000 for a one-year technology subscription license.

Synopsys Inc. www.synopsys.com; (800) 541-7737

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