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Low-Cost MEMS Accelerometers Open Up Cadre Of New Apps

The dual-axis ±2-g (at full-scale) ADXL311 MEMS accelerometer brings affordability to cost-sensitive markets. With this kind of accessibility, it also will create a host of new applications. Analog Devices leveraged its high-volume MEMS accelerometer experience and iMEMS (integrated Micro Electro Mechanical System) surface-micromachining technology to produce an accelerometer that costs $2.50 each in lots of 10,000.

The ADXL311 can be used in personal computing devices and handsets to enable single-handed menu scrolling, map panning, or Web browsing without a stylus or pushbuttons. Designers of sports- and health-related devices, such as pedometers and calorie counters, are considering the part for step counting, distance traveled, and speed measurements. It can also be used in portable blood-pressure monitoring devices to ensure proper arm positioning, and it will make the integration of tilt- and motion-sensing features affordable in a variety of new input devices and electronic toys.

Sensor analog outputs can measure both dynamic and static acceleration. The accelerometer consumes just 200 mA per axis at 3 V. Typical noise floor is 300 mg per root hertz at 3 V. Signals below 5 mg can be resolved at bandwidths below 60 Hz.

The ADXL311 comes in a 5- by 5- by 2-mm eight-lead hermetic leadless chip carrier. It's sampling now, with volume production slated for this quarter.

Analog Devices Inc.
(781) 937-1428

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