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LVDT Signal Conditioner Offers Fingertip Calibration

LVDT Signal Conditioner Offers Fingertip Calibration

Heralded as the most user-friendly LVDT signal conditioner currently on the market, the EAZY-CAL offers virtually effortless fingertip calibration, eliminating the repetitive null and span potentiometer adjustments associated with conventional analog based signal conditioners. Via two easily accessible front panel push buttons, calibrations are allegedly accomplished digitally in seconds. An intuitive, sequencing four LED status indicator guides users through the calibration process and provides foolproof feedback. Operating on a 24-Vdc power input, the conditioner provides a 0 to 10-Vdc output over an operating temperature range from 0°C to +70°C. Other features include master/slave synchronization capabilities and a high-impact, flame-retardant plastic housing. MACRO SENSORS, Pennsauken, NJ. (856) 662-8000.


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