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Marvell Introduces The Qdeo Disk For HD Video Evaluation

Marvell has released its Qdeo HD video evaluation Blu-ray disk. This disk performs an objective evaluation of the video processing quality of HD audio-video products such as Blu-ray players, AV receivers, and HDTVs. The disk tests video processing elements like noise reduction, format conversion, and image enhancement.

The noise reduction test patterns show the system’s ability to reduce analog and digital noise, while the format conversion test patterns check the de-interlacing capabilities of the system. The enhancement patterns analyze the presence and performance of a range of enhancements such as detail enhancement, adaptive contrast enhancement, intelligent color remapping, and bit-resolution-expansion.

The disk also includes a set of test patterns that can be used to calibrate the video settings of a system. Other features include an HD video montage, designed to highlight the visual impact of high quality video processing, and a demonstration section. Marvell says its disk is meant to educate the market and consumer about the differences between high-quality video processing and commodity processing. At present, the disk is available as resource and testing tool for analyst, reviewers, and enthusiasts.




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