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MIMO PXI Vector Signal Analyzer Aids Wireless Design

Agilent-COLL-2111535-HI-AA new wideband MIMO PXI vector signal analyzer lays claim to delivering the industry’s highest-bandwidth signal analysis. The new analyzer enables R&D and test engineers to validate their MIMO 802.11ac designs with a combination of accuracy, speed, bandwidth and scalability in a small form factor. The system consists of the M9362A-D01 four-channel downconverter, the M9202A 12-bit digitizer, the M9302A LO, the M9168C RF attenuator, and the M9352A IF amplifier/attenuator modules for one to four measurement channels. Specifically designed for flexibility and growth, the vector signal analyzer is well suited for meeting requirements such as 80 + 80-MHz SISO and 80-MHz or 160-MHz MIMO 802.11ac measurements. The system’s 780-MHz analysis bandwidth also addresses future wireless standards. This allows engineers to gain greater insight into their next-generation 802.11ac wireless LAN chips and devices, regardless of the 802.11ac implemented. With one to four channels in a single PXIe chassis, the solution provides analysis capabilities for up to 4x4 MIMO in a 4U form factor M9018A chassis. This solution can also be used in combination with Agilent Command Expert, which is a free software application that provides fast and easy instrument control in many PC environments. It combines instrument command sets, documentation, syntax checking and command execution in a single interface. The dual-channel wideband MIMO PXI vector signal analyzer is available now for $114,000. Multichannel analysis capability for the M9362A-D01 is available through a free download of the M9202A software.


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