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Mini Temperature-Sensor ICs Accurately Monitor Seven Channels

Precise sensing and monitoring of a single temperature or two with an IC is a nice achievement. But doing so for up to seven channels represents a breakthrough. That's just the case with the MAX-6697 and MAX6698 sensors, which measure 8.5 by 8.5 mm in a 20-pin QSOP.

Developed by Maxim, these devices measure their own temperature as well as six others' at external locations within 1°C between 60°C and 100°C. When the measured temperature of a channel exceeds the respective threshold, a status bit is set in one of the status registers. Two open-drain outputs corresponding to these bits in the status register assert themselves.

The MAX6697 measures its own temperature and the temperature of six external locations. Such locations may include CPUs, graphics processor units, memory devices, and others important in notebook and laptop computer applications.

The MAX6698 also measures its own temperature as well as the temperatures of three thermistors and three remote CPUs, graphics processor units, memory devices, or other key locations in notebook and laptop computer applications. It's well suited for industrial applications. Users can program the temperature threshold of alarm outputs, which can serve as an interrupt or be connected to a system fan or other thermal-management circuitry.

Both devices communicate through the two-wire SMBus interface and operate from 3- to 5-V supplies, consuming only 500 mA (3 µA in standby). They are both specified to operate from ­40°C to 125°C. The MAX-6697 and MAX6698 start at $3.75 each in 2500-unit lots and higher.

Maxim Integrated Products
(800) 998-8800

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