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MISRA Checker Gets Facelift

Version 3.2 of the company's Motor Industry Standard Reliability Association (MISRA) Checker software introduces a number of enhancements that predict lower test costs, shorter times to market, and higher reliability. Added features include optional capabilities to analyze calibration data and enforce coding rules, a more intuitive user interface to launch analyses, and, under C, native support for current target processors including HC8, HC12, and MPC55. Similar to previous incarnations, version 3.2 is customizable, allowing it to analyze source code that can be run on any target processor or operating system. Additionally, the application offers an optional calibration analyzer, which allows users to specify testing ranges for calibration data, sensor inputs, and all other external data. For further information and pricing, call POLYSPACE TECHNOLOGIES, Woburn, MA. (877) 711-7659.


Product URL: Click here for more information

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