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Mix And Match T&M Buses With Hybrid Systems

Mix And Match T&M Buses With Hybrid Systems

The right combination of T&M driver software and communications buses can maximize measurement functions for existing hardware platforms.

T est & measurement (T&M) users face greater challenges in configuring their systems to optimally suit their testing needs. Contributing to these challenges has been the availability of a bewildering array of test equipment for a growing number of new applications, as well as the large number of buses available to interconnect their test gear.

This is where software comes in to pull all the pieces together into a single "hybrid" system. It puts users in the driver's seat by providing them with easy access to test functions.

The single biggest contributor to the up-front cost of a test system is the time it takes for a T&M user to write programs to control the system. When creating test code for design validation systems, a user must consider writing code for its re-usability and for leveraging it from another test program. Most importantly, code programs should be independent of any specific piece of test equipment.

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