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Mixed-Signal Test Set Targets Wireless Systems

The CS2010 Digital Broadband Test Set is an "off-the-shelf" system targeted at new voice, data, and spectrum re-use products in wireless systems. This test set can be tailored by the user to generate, record and analyze complex broadband and mixed signals such as QAM, WCDMA, IS-136, EDGE, COFDM and TDMA simultaneously, depending on the number of channels. It can test analog and digital signals with multiple coherent or independent input and output channels. With bandwidths up to 160 MHz and memory expandable to 32 GB, this compact instrument can do mixed-signal test of broadband RF, baseband and digital I/O. The "single box" instrument supports product development from system definition and protocol development, through prototyping and field test, to final production test in any protocol or waveform format. It can then be reconfigured via control software and used again for a new signal type in a matter of minutes, according to the company.

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