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Mobile WiMAX Host Tester Checks Protocol Stacks

Intended for use by developers and integrators of mobile handsets and base stations, Anite’s Host Tester enables users to test a WiMAX protocol stack in isolation of any hardware. Doing so provides benefits in two principal development phases: pre-ASIC fabrication and software regression testing. The Host Tester can reduce the risk of chipset respins by correcting potential problems in the pre-silicon protocol development stage, providing developers with the ability to test before the final chipset hardware is completed. And, during regression testing, new software updates can be tested in Host mode to isolate whether problems have been introduced on the hardware or software. In addition to development tests, the Host Tester also supports Protocol Conformance Testing (PCT), a certification requirement of Mobile WiMAX as defined by the WiMAX Forum. The Host Tester supports data throughput testing and has loop-back functionality. Users need only integrate their MAC layer with Anite’s simulated physical layer via a user-defined protocol connection. The Host Tester then simulates the hardware and PHY layer functionality, which is required to run TTCN test cases for testing a mobile station’s MAC layer. Additionally, the Host Tester provides flexibility where broadcast messages are changed in TTCN code and changes are reflected in PHY messages sent to the mobile station’s MAC layer. Anite’s WiMAX MS-e HT acts as the Host Tester Application for development and testing based on the MS 802.16e standards with MAC layer protocol. The Anite WiMAX MS-e HT began shipment in June 2008. ANITE, Hampshire, U.K. +44 (0)1252 775200.

Company: ANITE

Product URL: Click here for more information

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