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Modular Amp for EMC Testing Provides 3,000W of RF Power

A new high-power RF amplifier for EMC applications is a self-contained, air-cooled, solid-state amplifier with a modular design created for easy upgrades. The Model 3000W1000 targets applications in which immediate bandwidth and high gain are crucial. These include RF susceptibility testing, antenna and component testing, watt meter calibration, and driving for frequency multipliers and high power amplifiers. The 1000W1000B (1,000W, 80-1000 MHz) serves as the basic building block that allows for 2,000W, 3,000W and 4,000W versions. The unit employs push-pull circuitry in all high-power stages to lower distortion and improve stability. A digital control panel provides both local and remote control of the amplifier, as well as status reporting capabilities. Special features include a gain control, internal/external automatic level control with front panel control of the ALC threshold, pulse input capability and RF output level protection. The unit also includes an internal RF detector for output in self-testing and operational modes. AR, Souderton, PA. (215) 723-8181.

Company: AR

Product URL: Click here for more information

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