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Module Simplifies And Extends Testing Of PCI And cPCI Cards

Simplified PCI and CompactPCI card testing together with increased overall test coverage of the cards are the promise of ScanPCI, a module that provides a mechanical and electrical link to the cards to extend boundary-scan (JTAG) testing of all signals arriving at the PCI or cPCI bus interface. The test module is designed to take advantage of the JTAG interface built into the PCI bus to access the boundary-scan components of the unit under test (UUT). To perform the JTAG tests, the edge connector of the PCI or cPCI card UUT is plugged into ScanPCI. This allows access to the boundary-scan digital I/O pins provided by the module. The pins are controlled through the serial boundary-scan bus, with test patterns applied to the pins synchronously with those applied through the UUT. The overall effect is said to be a substantial increase in the testable portion of the UUT. Previously, the traces and ICs interfacing with the card's edge connector either were not tested or required a special harness and custom testing hardware. The module has an ATX -style power supply and supports 3.3V- and 5V-compatible cards. For more details, call Jim Rogers at CORELIS INC., Cerritos, CA. (562) 926-6727, ext. 115.


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