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Modules For Logic Analyzers Provide Fast Triggering

For designers of high-end computer, networking and communication systems, this series of modules makes the firm's general-purpose logic analyzers among the fastest on the market. The modules offer up to 333 MHz state and up to 2 GHz timing analysis. They also provide other features that make the HP 16600A and 16700A logic analysis systems easier, more powerful and more efficient to use, it's claimed. Fast state speed is critical because it enables designers who use the latest CPUs and high-speed buses to capture state data accurately while running the device under test at full speed. An improved triggering interface includes a scroll bar that allows users to select any of the most commonly used trigger functions quickly. The three new modules each support 68 channels. Five of them can be combined for a total of 340 channels in one system. The HP 16517A and 16518A modules provide 4 GHz timing and 1 GHz state analysis across up to 80 channels.

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