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Moisture Analyzer Eases Automated Process Control

Designed for online analysis to provide an accurate overview of the current state of a production process, the PMD300 moisture analyzer employs microwave resonance technology to automate multiple readings per second or, if desirable, deliver immediate feedback via manual process control. The analyzers provide users with continuous, automatic and accurate feedback of moisture content online, making them suitable for food, chemical, pharmaceutical products, animal feed, or other materials where the moisture or water content frequently determines the price and quality of raw materials. They average individual measurements over a user-defined period and send results to a PC, switch cabinet, or PLC controller, often in under one second. Depending on the type of sensor, measurable range lies between 0.1% and 60% moisture content. For further information, call SARTORIUS MECHATRONICS CORP., Tempe, AZ. (800) 835-3211.


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