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Multi-Channel Power Supplies Offer Programmability

Multi-Channel Power Supplies Offer Programmability

Keithley_AKeithley has added two multi-channel power supplies to their Series 2200 line of programmable dc power supplies. The new models offer a range of one-, two- and three-channel power supplies for use in circuit design, university student labs, materials research and device testing that requires the use of more than one power source. The power supplies’ output levels are designed to address a range of sourcing requirements for characterizing components, circuits, modules and complete devices. The Model 2230-30-1 supply provides two output channels for powering analog circuits, with each channel capable of outputting up to 30 V, 1.5 A, 45 W plus a 6 V, 5 A, 30 W output channel for powering digital circuits.Voltage readback accuracy of 0.03% for each output channel and rear-panel remote sense terminals on each channel, ensure that the correct voltage is delivered to the load terminals. Available now, list prices are $950 for the Model 2220-30-1 dual-channel dc power supply and $1150 for the Model 2230-30-1 triple-channel version.


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