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Multiband OFDM UWB Signal Creation Tool An Industry First

Declared the first application software that provides waveform creation for the design and verification of OFDM UWB transceivers and components, Signal Studio software produces waveforms compliant with the Multiband OFDM Alliance proposal for 802.15.3a. The application allows users to generate standard-compliant UWB signals when used with the company's E8267D PSG vector signal generator and a wideband arbitrary waveform generator. When testing more complex receiver functions, users have the option to create customized waveforms with multiple groups of packets. Users can also add waveform impairments, such as frequency offsets, I/Q phase, and amplitude imbalance. For further information, call AGILENT TECHNOLOGIES, Palo Alto, CA. (800) 829-4444, item number 7990


Product URL: Click here for more information

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