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Network Analyzers Boast Of Breakthrough Features

In the company's latest generation of network analyzers, manufacturers of RF products are promised performance levels far exceeding those available with existing analyzers. Among the performance breakthroughs cited for the new PNA Series of RF vector network analyzers are sweep speeds six to 35 times faster than the previous speed leader, Model 8753ES. The new analyzer's quickest speed translates into a lightening-fast measurement rate of 35 µs/point.
Other analyzer advanced features include: trace noise as low as 0.0005 dB; frequency coverage of 3, 6 or 9 GHz, depending on model; and use of four mixer-based receivers for a wide, 128-dB dynamic range--the range is extendable to up to 143 dB by removing the front-panel RF jumpers, bypassing the internal directional couplers, and directly accessing the measurement receivers. In addition, the analyzers incorporate Windows 2000 Professional OS, giving them network connectivity and the ability to use various tools for automated test. And they also provide electronic calibration, on-line and context-sensitive help, built-in tutorials, and other ease-of-use features. Price ranges from $43,000 for the E8356A 3-GHz model to $55,000 for the E8358A 9-GHz unit.

Company: AGILENT TECHNOLOGIES - Test and Measurement Organization

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