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Network Platform Simplifies ZigBee Apps

EMBEDDED SYSTEMS CONFERENCE, San Jose, CA. – Tendril Monitor, based on the Tendril Network Operating Platform, debuts as the first monitoring, alert, and diagnostics application for managing wireless ZigBee networks. The Tendril platform boasts of dramatically simplifying and accelerating the development and deployment process for ZigBee applications by addressing key operational challenges. Tendril Monitor automates the process of diagnostics and monitoring of the quality, reliability and day-to-day operations of ZigBee networks as well as the applications built on those networks. It employs the first free sub-4K Tendril Agent. Users can compile the agent into their devices to monitor and diagnose the entire network. The next-generation Tendril Network Operating Platform and Tendril Monitor application module will be available this quarter. TENDRIL INC., Boulder, CO. (303) 951-4360.


Product URL: Click here for more information

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