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Cost Not An Issue With New JTAG/Boundary-Scan Device

Testability is always a challenge in telecom/datacom systems, such as basestations, switchers, multiplexers, and other low-voltage applications. Test solutions based on the JTAG (Joint Test Action Group) 1149.1 standard are available, but there usually is a cost penalty. Yet the SCAN16602 and SCAN16512 are effective for interfacing components to buses or each other, facilitating boundary-scan/JTAG methods without getting penalized in cost. These high-speed, low-power universal 16-bit transceivers with standard IEEE 1149.1 test access are designed for inserting test points into high-speed TTL/CMOS backplanes. They operate from 2.7 to 3.6 V and come in 64-bump BGA packages. Pricing is $3.25 each in 1000-unit lots.

National Semiconductor Corp.
(408) 721-3628

PLL Frequency Synthesizers Push Output Frequency, Performance

Extending the upper frequency limit of integer-N phase-locked-loop (PLL) synthesizers to 7 GHz is the charge of the ADF4107 synthesizer. It’s pin-compatible with its 6-GHz predecessor, the ADF4106. Another device, the ADF4360, is a single-chip integer-N PLL synthesizer that integrates a voltage-controlled oscillator, eliminating the need for an external circuit. Frequency range is set between 1250 and 2550 MHz by selecting one of six on-chip inductors. A third chip, the ADF4153 fractional-N PLL, improves phase noise by 10 dB compared to other devices based on integer-N technology. The device is pin-compatible with the ADF4110/1/2/3 products. In 1000-unit quantities, the ADF4107 costs $3.32, while the ADF4360 and ADF4153 go for $3.23.

Analog Devices Inc.

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