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10-MHz To 4.5-GHz Field-Strength Detector Is Sensitive Down To 100 µV
Microwave/UHF/VHS applications can take advantage of the Zap Checker Model 270’s extreme sensitivity: With a bandwidth of 10 MHz to 4.5 GHz, input sensitivity reaches down to 100 µV. It measures to ambient levels of RF and detects weak signals that just exceed that baseline level. An adjustable 26-dB attenuator controls linear and 60-dB log detection. Antenna inputs are electronically switched between a 50-W surface-mounted-assembly coax input and two internal fixed antennas. The instrument costs $329 with a 1.8- to 6.4-GHz log periodic antenna, or $269 without the antenna. Add $7 for shipping and handling.

Alan Broadband Co.; (650) 369-9627

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