New Series of DC Power Supplies Offers Real-Time Feedback

New Series of DC Power Supplies Offers Real-Time Feedback

A new line of DC power supplies features monitoring, analysis, and control capabilities as well as 3 channels, delivering up to 195 Watts and able to float up to 240 V from ground.

The DP800 series from Rigol Technologies analyzes voltage, current, and power with multi-instrument triggering capability and features timer control which allows engineers to set burn-in or other test voltage or current profiles to run automatically or repeat in groups with specified end states. There are also several circuit protection features including OVP, OCP, and OTC (over voltage, over current, and over temperature protection.)

The monitoring function allows for tests that require real-time alarms, warnings, or shut off capabilities and is displayed via a real-time feedback screen. Also, a new trigger I/O bus offers the ability to synch features across multiple instruments with multiple power requirements.

On all products within the DP800 series, Channel 1 is isolated from Channels 2 and 3 so the former can be used in parallel or series to create higher currents.

Pricing for the DP800 series begins at $409. More information can be found on Rigol’s site.

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