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Noise/Jitter Modules Enhance Agilent Digital Communications Analyzer

The company's 86100C DCA-J digital communications analyzer has expanded its capabilities with two new modules, a software package and a firmware revision. One module, the 83496B clock-recovery module and accompanying software, targets phase noise/spectral jitter analysis and supports precision waveform measurements with a variety of signals including spread spectrum clocked. The module/software combo are considered to be the industry's first test tool that allows phase noise/spectral jitter analysis of signals ranging from 50 Mb/s to 13.5 Gb/s. Another module, the 86116C optical/electrical module, is targeted at 40-Gb/s compliance tests and can be used as a 65-GHz oscilloscope channel or switched to a reference receiver for 40 Gb/s optical transmitter eye-mask tests. The module can be configured for standard or FEC rates for OC-768, STM-256, and related specs. The analyzer's new software package is called Option 300. It provides industry-standard jitter analysis, but translated into the amplitude domain, which enables relative intensity noise (RIN) measurement. The software eliminates the extra equipment associated with eye-mask tests and RIN measurements. Lastly, the Rev 7.0 firmware allows the DCA-J analyzer to provide the unique data patterns for modulation amplitude (OMA) measurement and the correct OMA result for these patterns. Available in February, prices for the 83496B, 86116C, and Option 300 start at $18,500, $64,089, and $2,800, respectively. The DCA-J firmware revision 7.0 will be available at no charge via the company's website. AGILENT TECHNOLOGIES INC., Palo Alto, CA. (800) 235-0312.


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