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Novel Architecture Extends Scope Probe Measurements To 8 GHz

Thanks to an innovative Z-active architecture, the P7380 active differential probe measures signals up to an 8-GHz bandwidth, featuring high-end signal fidelity with a fast guaranteed 55-ps rise time (35 ps typical) and low circuit loading. Differential dc input resistance is 100 kΩ and 50 kΩ single-ended. Minimum ac loading is 300 Ω differentially at 8 GHz.

Designed to be used with Tektronix's TDS6000B and TDS7000B oscilloscopes, the P7380 uses interchangeable Tip-Clip probe tips that enhance usability and connectivity for solder-in, fixtured, and handheld applications. The Z-active architecture's hybrid approach consists of a distributed attenuator topology feeding an active probe amplifier. The probe uses only a tiny passive tip element that's separate from the amplifier, extending the usable reach of the probe.

The probe tips are interchangeable. Nine such tips are available: three with flex tips (each coming in two lengths), two resistor tips of different size, and a tip for handheld applications with variable spacing. Handheld and fixtured probing can be performed using Tektronix's optional P7380HHA handheld adapter kit.

The P7380 probe goes for $8500. The P7380HHA adapter kit costs $500, which includes three variable-spacing Tip-Clip probe tips. Individual tips are priced at about $25 each.

Tektronix Inc.
(800) 835-9433

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