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One Tester Handles All Major Cell-Phone Technologies

A single test system performs development and conformance testing of applications running on all major cell-phone types, including GSM/GPRS and W-CDMA. Developed by Aeroflex, the Air Interface Monitor Emulator/Applications Test (AIME/AT) system does live network testing or, in conjunction with the company's GSM, W-CDMA, and CDMA protocol test systems, deterministic lab testing.

The AIME/AT takes a protocol-agnostic approach that is air-interface independent. Consequently, the platform will meet the current and future needs of handset manufacturers. Capabilities include testing of multimedia messaging services (MMS), which the GSM Certification Forum mandated last December.

The protocol standards bodies are still working on the exact time frames for additional testing. But as these tests are defined, they can be downloaded and run on the AIME/AT. The system also can check for data performance and throughput, application performance, and recovery for network failures.

Starting at about $200,000, prices depend on whether the system will be used for live network testing or emulation and on which technologies are required.

Aeroflex Inc.

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