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Optical-Loss Assembly Test Set Targets Multifiber Optical Cables

The model 1300 optical-loss test set from Fiber Systems International tests and verifies the performance of multifiber optic cable assemblies like the TFOCA (Tactical Optic Fiber Connector Assembly), the TFOCA-II, MIL-C-28876 connectors, and standard hermaphroditic fiber-optic connectors. It performs automatic loopback testing in dBm and dB modes with relative storage. Its input range is +5 to −70 dBm (an indium-gallium-arsenide detector). The set has two optical sources and two power meters in a single unit with an integral interface connector.

Besides the test set, a basic model 1300 includes a loopback plug, an ac power adapter/recharger, four interchangeable ac adapter plugs, and a rugged foam-filled case. Option 1 offers a cleaning kit with 50 optic cleaning pads, 50 swabs, and foam cleaning fluid. Option 2 incorporates a breakout cable and fault finder. The light source/power meter uses four rechargeable 1.5-V AA batteries. A 90- to 264-V, 47- to 63-Hz ac adapter with four interchangeable international-standard plugs (U.S., Europe, U.K., Australia) is also provided. The unit with carrying case costs $3750.

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Fiber Systems International

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