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Optical Sampling Oscilloscope Targets 10 GbE Applications

Models in a new series of new optical sampling oscilloscope modules for 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10GbE) are flexible enough to meet the full range of 10GbE measurement needs. The 80C08C and 80C11 Optical Sampling Modules are slated for the CSA8000 series communications signal analyzers. The units meet all local-area network (LAN) and wide-area network (WAN) standards (including emerging 10GbE FEC), all fiber types, masks, wavelengths, and clock rates. The 80C11 is a long-wavelength (1100 to 1650 nm) product with an optical bandwidth up to 30 GHz. It's well suited for 10-Gbit/s G.709 telecom optical component testing and characterization, particularly those designs based on externally modulated lasers. The 80C08C optical module delivers high-end measurement performance in the areas of signal-to-noise, optical sensitivity, and test throughput. The 80C08C is a broad-wavelength (700 to 1650 nm), multirate (9.953 to 11.0957 Gbits/s), single-mode and multimode tool that suits 10-Gbit/s datacommunications and telecommunications applications. With its amplified optical-to-electrical (O/E) converter, the 80C08C allows users to examine low-power optical signals from the directly modulated lasers used in 10GbE LAN technologies. Pricing for the 80C11 and 80C08C optical sampling modules starts at $28,700 and $29,900 each, respectively.

Tektronix Inc.
www.tektronix.com; (800) 426-2200, ext. 1292

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