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Option Allows Signal Generator To Test GSM Amps And Receivers

Designed for testing amplifiers deployed in GSM base stations, Option 116 for the company's 2026 signal source enables a 2026 broadband signal generator to test GSM-based communications systems. It can also be used in conjunction with a radio test set for providing the interference signals for testing GSM receivers and for GSM intermodulation tests.
Claimed as the industry's only multi-source, broadband signal generator, the 2026 can be configured with two or three high-performance, high-power, fully calibrated RF signal sources. Using a 2026 equipped with Option 116 is an economical way to perform GSM multi-carrier testing. Option 116 for GSM adds a set of three baseband sources that can be connected to each of the external FM inputs of the 2026 or the 2026Q. A 2026 with Option 116 for GSM also exhibits excellent wide-band noise characteristics. Option 116 is priced at $968; a two-source 2026 costs $22,726.


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